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Ammonium bifluoride has various uses. Some of those:

Metal industry (pickling of steel and other metals, surface treatment).

In the oil industry (crude oil drilling).

Aluminum industry (aluminum polishing, aluminum anodized).

In the Glass / Ceramic industry (glass polishing, etching and freezing agent).

In the construction industry (industrial cleaning / building facades / boilers).

It is used in other industrial areas such as textile cleaning and industrial laundry.



CAS number: 1341-49-7

EINECS number: 215-676-4

Molecular formula: H5F2N

GHS hazard statements: H301, H314 [1]

GHS precautionary statements: P280, P301 +310, P305 +351 +338, P310 NFPA 704

Water resolution: 63g / 100ml 20 ° C

Alcohol Resolution: slightly soluble

Refringing indic (nD): 1.390

Doing: Crystal structure

Density: 1.50 g cm-3

Access point: 126 ° C, 399 K, 259 ° C (deseeding)

Boiling point: 240 ° C and 513K, 464 ° C

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