Shipping and Delivery

Can I change the delivery address and recipient name of my order?

Check the status of your order at
If your order has not been delivered to cargo, please send your request to our customer service.
If your order is in "Cargo Ship" status, only the cargo company can change the recipient or address. You must send your request to our customer service regarding the cargo on the way.

With which cargo will my order be sent?

Your orders are delivered to the address you specified with the contracted cargo company.

When will my order arrive?
The products you purchase are delivered within the date range specified on the detail page.
Your order will be shipped within 24 hours if there is a "Fast Shipment" inscription on the product.
Information will be provided by sms and e-mail during the order process.
You can follow the order processes on our site after it is shipped.

Do I have to pay a delivery fee?
Shipping is free of charge for products marked "Shipping is Free".
Shipping fee will be charged at the time of order.

My order came at a time when I was not at the address, what should I do?

The cargo company leaves a note stating that you can receive your order from the branch if you are not at your address.
If you do not receive your package from the specified branch within 3 days, your order will be refunded.
If you want the returned cargo to be shipped again, you can contact us.

What should I pay attention to when receiving the cargo?

If there is a problem with the external image; When you take the package in your hand, if you see the sound of broken pieces, liquid smeared on the package, crushing at any point on the package, you should definitely open it under the supervision of the cargo officer and check the content.
If there is damage to the product itself in the cargo package, ask the cargo officer to prepare a "Damage assessment report". Do not sign the cargo delivery receipt before a report is issued. The signature placed on the cargo delivery receipt means that you have received the product in full and intact. Otherwise, it is not possible for us to accept the return of the damaged product.
If they want to issue a due diligence report, do not accept it, the due diligence report certainly does not replace the damage assessment report.
If you do not receive the cargo after making the necessary checks, you must inform our customer service.
Return the damaged product with the report without receiving it by courier.